Smug Fantasy Football

2013 Digital Draft Board

2013 Fantasy Football Digital Draft Board

Directions: This was specifically designed to be used on HDTV’s. Hook-up your laptop to a Big Screen TV or Projector and use this on Draft Day! Use this to manage your draft and allow people to make draft picks remotely from their laptops, smartphones, or tablets! Click on a cell and a drop-down list appears to select players. Selected players are automatically removed from the drop-down. A “Rosters” tab updates with everyone’s team and has a running position count plus it allows you to see when each of your players is on “BYE”. Cells update automatically and change color to correspond to their position (Red = QB, Blue = RB, Green = WR, etc, etc) You can edit it and add more teams or rounds, just make sure to update the formulas. Be sure to use it full screen (Click on “View” then “Full Screen” and then press “F11”. Special thanks to Brian Noeldner, whose template I used as a template of my own.  Follow us @SmugFF.






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