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Quick Tips – Season Opener Edition

By Kevin O’Connell – 9.3.13

The day we all look forward to is finally upon us. Football season is here! In honor of the season opener on Thursday, and in addition to our Week 1 Rankings, we bring you a few tips and tricks for the upcoming season.

1) Trust your gut. Fantasy football and its wealth of experts provide you with an overload of information. For every player you find on a “hot” list, you can be sure to find him on a “not” list somewhere. At the end of the day, there’s only one person you can trust to make your decisions, and that’s you.

You may like Ben Roethlisberger (ADP [courtesy of Fantasy Football Calculator] 124.6) more than Jay Cutler (ADP 120.2), or Darren Sproles (ADP 36.5) more than Lamar Miller (ADP 34.5), and you may not be able to explain why. Go with it. That’s your gut filtering all the information you’ve read or heard over the past few weeks, and helping you to make the best decision possible.

Greg Little

Go With Your Gut!

Don’t go crazy with it though. Your gut is never an excuse to trade Aaron Rodgers for Andrew Luck.

2) Diversify. For the multi-league players out there, don’t put all your eggs in the Russell Wilson basket for example. Go for Colin Kaepernick in one league. Go for Tony Romo in another league. We all have players we love and bet on more than others, but you don’t want to find yourself completely dependent on one guy in four different leagues. If that player unexpectedly gets hurt or tanks, you’ll find yourself scrambling to find cover.

3) Keep your eyes open. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve won leagues with Ladell Betts as my RB1 and Tom Brady at QB after replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe. It’s near impossible to win a competitive league on autopilot. No fantasy team makes it through a season injury free, and if they do, they are either incredibly lucky or they have a bunch of backups on their squad. If you find yourself in 8th place after 5 weeks, don’t get discouraged. Get on the waiver wire! You’ll find hidden gems all season long if you search hard enough. Make sure you watch the games and follow a great news source like RotoWorld for up to date NFL information.



4) You have one regular season goal: Make the Playoffs. Much like the NFL, the best regular season team often loses in the fantasy playoffs. Anything can happen once you make it in, so just find a way to get there and then let the chips fall where they may.

5) Have fun! Sometimes I think the fun gets lost in all the money and seriousness. The league I enjoy the most (by far) to date isn’t fun because of money. The league is fun because it has active managers who talk trash and make trades to no end. You will get out of your league whatever you put into it.

I don’t know about you, but we over at Smug HQ are ready for some football! Good luck this season to managers everywhere!

Kevin O’Connell is a contributor for Smug Fantasy Football. Follow him on Twitter @kevintoconnell


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