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Week 1 Rankings: QB, RB, WR

By Dustin Pritchard, 9.3.2013

Ranked below are the Top 25 QBs, Top 50 RBs, Top 50 WRs for Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season. TEs, Kickers, and Defenses are Thursday available now.  Click here.

The match ups you should be salivating over: (for QBs/ WRs/TEs) New Orleans, Philadelphia, Washington, New York (G), Minnesota and (for RBs) New Orleans, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Oakland, Indianapolis.  Match ups that can cause headaches and nausea: (for QBs/WRs/TEs) New York (J), Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Seattle and (for RBs) Cincinnati, Houston.  (Week 1 FPTS results for standard leagues in parentheses) Great Good Average Poor 

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan


1. Drew Brees v. ATL – Highest over/under line in Vegas, this one will be a shootout. (20 FPTS)

2. Matt Ryan @ NO – Weak sauce Saints D lets Matty Ice deliver big numbers. (19 FPTS)

3. Peyton Manning v. BAL – Manning seeks revenge after a heartbreaking playoff loss. (46 FPTS)

4. Tom Brady @ BUF – Brady and his bunch should blow out the Bills in this one. (15 FPTS)

5. Colin Kaepernick v. GB – Rushed for 181 yards in their playoff match up.  Unlikely to repeat, but a high scoring affair is expected. (30 FPTS)

6. Matt Stafford v. MIN – Vikings’ pass defense is nothing special. Stafford will air it out often at home. (18 FPTS)

7. Aaron Rodgers @ SF – Only a few QBs can have such a sour match up and remain starter material. Rodgers is one such QB. (24 FPTS)

8. Andrew Luck v. OAK – Luck will have a field day against a lousy Raiders squad.  (24 FPTS)

9. Tony Romo v. NYG – Another of this week’s possible shootouts, Romo will need to put points on the board to get a win. (15 FPTS)

10. Robert Griffin III v. PHI – Would be ranked higher if we were sure about his legs.  Need to see a week before we believe. I’ve been hurt before, I just don’t know if I can handle it again. (16 FPTS)

11. Mike Vick @ WAS – Vick will play well in his first game with Chip Kelly.  The Redskins have a few guys back and the defense looks better, but Vegas thinks this one will be a high scoring affair, and so do I. (26 PTS)

12. Ben Roethlisberger v. TEN – Titans pass D is shaky.  Big Ben will air it out often. (9 FPTS)

13. Eli Manning @ DAL – Like Romo, Eli knows he will have to get some big chunk plays to keep his team in the game in an oddly important Week 1 matchup between the two division rivals. (28 PTS)

14. Russell Wilson @ CAR – Carolina’s defense is an underrated unit that could give Wilson and co. problems.  Be cautious with him this week. (12 FPTS)

15. Cam Newton v. SEA – One of the worst matchups Cam will have all year.  Bench him for anyone listed above. (14 FPTS)

16. Joe Flacco @ DEN (18 FPTS)

17. EJ Manuel v. NE (16 FPTS)

18. Brandon Weeden v. MIA (9 FPTS)

19. Alex Smith @ JAX (14 FPTS)

20. Matt Schaub @ SD (29 FPTS)

21. Terrelle Pryor @ IND (21 FPTS)

22. Ryan Tannehill @ CLE (12 FPTS)

23. Andy Dalton @ CHI (15 FPTS)

24. Jay Cutler v. CIN (16 FPTS)

25. Carson Palmer @ STL (19 FPTS)

Missed: Geno Smith (14 FPTS), Sam Bradford (15 FPTS), Josh Freeman (10 FPTS), Philip Rivers (27 FPTS)


1. Adrian Peterson @ DET – This is a gimme.  Detroit’s not a great defensive squad, and frankly AP is all the Vikings have right now on offense. (26 FPTS)

Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson

2. Trent Richardson v. MIA – Norv will run T Rich to the ground, starting with a very healthy dose of work in Week 1. (7 FPTS)

3. LeSean McCoy @ WAS – Super matchup for Shady.  He will be the featured player in a high scoring affair. (24 FPTS)

4. CJ Spiller v. NE – The Pats rush D is strong, but this Bills will get their yards regardless, and CJ will be the biggest part of that. (1 FPT)

5. Jamaal Charles @ JAX – Not a good shot for a TD for Charles against the jags, but he is the best player on the field in this game. The fantasy points will take care of themselves. (15 FPTS)

6. Doug Martin @ NYJ – Thanks to constant media bashing, the Jets D remains an underrated group, Martin should be fine, but do not expect his best game of the year. (10 FPTS)

7. Steven Jackson @ NO – Tasty, tasty matchup here.  Jackson will run like it’s 2006. (11 FPTS)

8. Alfred Morris v. PHI – Not as big a fan of Morris as everybody else, but this Eagles D is too bad to pass up.  We’re on board. (8 FPTS)

9. Stevan Ridley @ BUF – Love this one.  The Bills’ rush defense last season was pathetic. They are playing a team that finished #2 in rushing in 2012, in a game projected for the 2nd most total points of the week, where the Pats are favored by 10 points.  You do the math there and let me know how that works out. (2 FPTS)

10. David Wilson @ DAL – Will receive a heavy workload, so expect the explosive back to put up RB1 numbers. (-2 FPTS)

11. Marshawn Lynch @ CAR – The Panthers defense shouldn’t scare you, or anyone for that matter. Beastmode will be carry the load. (4 FPTS)

12. Maurice Jones-Drew v. KC – Not going to be a big total score, but Jones-Drew reportedly looks good and should receive his usual heavy workload. (4 FPTS)

13. Ray Rice @ DEN – Great player, but we are unsure of his role with upstart Bernard Pierce healthy and stealing carries.  Should have a solid game.  He obviously isn’t going on your bench. (12 FPTS)

14. Frank Gore v. GB – The Niners will try to ground and pound the Packers early, and Gore will get his red zone looks. (12 FPTS)

15. Reggie Bush v. MIN – Nothing to fret over here. Start Reggie as you usually would. (25 FPTS)

16. Darren McFadden @ IND –  The Colts Defense wasn’t exactly good last year, actually it wasn’t even average.  McFadden will remind fantasy owners why they took a shot on him this week. (11 FPTS)

17. DeMarco Murray v. NYG – As long as DeMarco is healthy, you are starting him.  Good shot at a TD here. (11 FPTS)

18. Darren Sproles v. ATL – Brees will find his reliable gadget over and over again. (10 FPTS)

19. Matt Forte v. CIN – DT Geno Atkins and the rest of the Bengals D is on a mission this year. Forte could struggle. (15 FPTS)

20. Chris Johnson @ PIT – Johnson’s O Line looks vastly improved. That said, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like starting running backs against Mike Tomlin coached teams. If the Steelers grab a big lead at halftime, Johnson will struggle to find carries. (7 FPTS)

21. Shane Vereen @ BUF  – Already mentioned how much we love this matchup.  Vereen owners will be happy they started him. (15 FPTS)

22. Lamar Miller @ CLE – The Browns D has improved, but Miller’s breakout campaign will begin, somewhat quietly, in Week 1. Owners will see a taste of thing to come. Daniel Thomas lurks. (0 FPTS)

23. Arian Foster @ SD – Looks like Foster will be splitting half the load with Ben Tate against an underrated Chargers front 7.  (8 FPTS)

24. Daryl Richardson v. ARI – The Cards D is no joke.  Richardson has sleeper appeal this year, but he’s a flex at best this week. (9 FPTS)

25. Rashard Mendenhall @ STL – Like Richardson, tough D saps value in Week 1. (6 FPTS)

26. Ryan Matthews v. HOU – Matthews impressed in preseason, but Houston’s defensive front will be too much for San Diego to handle. (11 FPTS)

27. Eddie Lacy @ SF – Lacy will handle most of the load in Green Bay, but couldn’t possibly have a worse Week 1 opponent. (11 FPTS)

28. DeAngelo Williams v. SEA – Williams is the starter here, but is unceremoniously rewarded in Week 1 with a stout Seattle D .  Flex material, although there is a bit of sleeper appeal here. (6 FPTS)

29. Ben Tate @ SD – Ben Tate will make a strong case for a big contract in 2014, and that argument begins with more than half his team’s carries in Week 1. Could see a big game out of the high efficiency back. (5 FPTS)

30. Mark Ingram v. ATL (1 FPT)

31. Montee Ball v. BAL – A really dicey start, but he has the best chance of scoring a TD out of any of the Denver backs. (2 FPTS)

32. Chris Ivory v. TB – The Jets will go with a two-headed attack to begin the season, but Ivory will pull away sooner rather than later. (1 FPT)

33.  Isaac Redman v. TEN (-4 FPTS)

34. Gio Bernard @ CHI (2 PTS)

35. Ahmad Bradshaw v. OAK (2 FPTS)

36. Pierre Thomas v. ATL (5 FPTS)

37. Benjarvus Green-Ellis @ CHI (8 FPTS)

38. Vick Ballard v. OAK (6 FPTS)

39. Bilal Powell v. TB (1 FPTS)

40. Jacquizz Rodgers @ NO (0 FPTS)

41. Ronnie Hillman v. BAL (3 FPTS)

42. Roy Helu v. PHI (1 FPT)

43. Bryce Brown @ WAS (2 FPTS)

44. Knowshon Moreno v. BAL (5 FPTS)

45. Fred Jackson v. NE (6 FPTS)

46. Danny Woodhead v. HOU (1 FPT)

47. Bernard Pierce @ DEN (2 FPTS)

48. Joique Bell v. MIN (20 FPTS)

49. Donald Brown v. OAK (0 FPTS)

50. Mike Tolbert v. SEA (1 FPT)

Missed: Jackie Battle (8 FPTS), Da’Rell Scott (7 FPTS), Daniel Thomas (7 FPTS), Vonta Leach (7 FPTS)

Wide Receivers

1. Calvin Johnson v. MIN – Megatron will eat this secondary for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (3 FPTS)

2. Dez Bryant v. NYG – Prince Amukamara and Corey Webster look healthy, but Dez will not care.  He has had an unbelievable offseason. (2 FPTS)

3. Julio Jones @ NO – If Julio scores less than 10 fantasy points it will be a HUGE disappointment!  This match up is almost too good to be true. (11 FPTS)

4. Andre Johnson @ SD – Chargers CB Derek Cox is big and physical, but the Bolts typically struggle with elite #1 receivers (like they did with Brandon Marshall in the preseason) and I expect Andre to go buck wild. (14 FPTS)

5.  Roddy White @ NO – Ankle good to go for 2012’s league worst defense.  If both defenses play badly enough, this game has a shot to go over 80 total points. (1 FPT)

6. AJ Green @ CHI – Hate the opponent,  but the cream will rise to the top. AJ is starting on your roster. (22 FPTS)

7. Brandon Marshall v. CIN – See AJ Green. (16 FPTS)

8. Demaryius Thomas v. BAL – Not sure how Peyton will spread the ball around. Thomas should be the #1 option in the pass game regardless. (28 FPTS)

9. Reggie Wayne v. OAK – Oakland has serious holes in the secondary.  Luck to Wayne is a lock for a big day. (15 FPTS)

10. Victor Cruz @ DAL – Out of the boot and running full speed already.  He’ll be a fine start. (29 FPTS)

11. Pierre Garcon v. PHI – Declared his annoying foot 100% healthy, so feel good about him against this Eagles defense, if you can even call it that. (6 FPTS)

12. Marques Colston v. ATL – As you’ve noticed, we’re very excited about this game from a fantasy perspective.  His health has been an issue this offseason, but the Saints have mostly been playing it safe with the veteran wide receiver.  He has no worries going into this game. (12 FPTS)

13. Larry Fitzgerald @ STL – Janoris Jenkins and Cortland Finnegan form one of the league’s toughest corner back duos. Fitzy is one of the best in the game, but he’s going to have to work for every yard against these guys. (20 FPTS)

14. Vincent Jackson @ NYJ – The Jets didn’t give up much through the air in 2012, and with Jets CB Antonio Cromartie locked on his former teammate, expect a respectable, now amazing game. (15 FPTS)

15. Torrey Smith @ DEN – Broncos CB Champ Bailey sprained his foot and is iffy out for the opener.  Torrey torched Denver in the playoffs last season as well. (9 FPTS)

16. Antonio Brown v. TEN – The Antonio Brown 2013 coming out party begins against a leaky Titans secondary. (7 FPTS)

17. Danny Amendola @ BUF – If Amendola is healthy, he is a #1 fantasy WR.  The discount you got in drafts was for his injury history.  Enjoy the injury free games while you have them. Update: limited in practice Wednesday, now dealing with a groin issue. LOL! Monitor this one! (10 FPTS)

18. DeSean Jackson @ WAS – Not sure how much Chip is going to let Vick air the ball out, but if the Eagles get down early, expect the Eagles to start getting the ball in DeSean’s hands. (16 FPTS)

19. Randall Cobb @ SF – Tough matchup here.  Cobb is a fringe WR2 for week 1.  (16 FPTS)

20. Dwayne Bowe @ JAX – There won’t be a lot of fireworks in this one. It may take a few weeks for Bowe to really get going with his new QB and scheme. (3 FPTS)

21.  Hakeem Nicks @ DAL – Watching him during the preseason, Nicks might have lost a step.  Not to worried in this game thou as he still has the size and hands for the Giants to get him a few nice red zone looks.  If he has a big game, sell sell sell. (11 FPTS)

22. Cecil Shorts v. KC – With Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, and Sean Smith, the Chiefs secondary is scary. Shorts will be a target monster regardless, so you will want to start him in Yahoo! standard and other leagues with 3 WR spots. (4 FPTS)

23. Eric Decker v. BAL – Whether 1b or 1c or however the WR totem pole ends up working out, expect Peyton to be on point in his revenge quest.  A WR3 at worst. (3 FPTS)

24. Wes Welker v. BAL – See Decker. (16 FPTS)

25. Jordy Nelson @ SF – The full bill of health going into Week 1 is a good thing, Playing the 49ers is not. (19 FPTS)

26. Mike Wallace @ CLE – Wallace’s reportedly miserable offseason is a bit overblown, he came on strong late in the preseason.  CB Joe Haden is a tough match though. Wallace could struggle. (1 FPT)

27. Miles Austin v. NYG – Finally injury free, Miles has been playing like his old self.  He’s a solid WR3. (7 FPTS)

28. Lance Moore v. ATL – Brees will find his most trusty safety valve early and often. (2 FPTS)

29. Anquan Boldin v. GB – Boldin, not Vernon Davis, looks like Kaepernick’s #1 option.  Stats will appear out of sheer volume. (26 FPTS)

30. Steve Smith v. SEA – Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman make an intimidating, shit talking duo.  Smith is a natural shit talker himself, so don’t expect their head games to work on the cagey vet.  What you can expect is the Carolina offense as a whole to sputter, limiting Smith upside in this one. (11 FPTS)

31. James Jones @ SF – The Packers’ 3rd/4th option could have a weak outing against this wrecking crew of a defense. (0 FPTS)

32. Emmanuel Sanders v. TEN – Big Ben will find his #2 option often. He’s a fine flex play. (5 FPTS)

33. Golden Tate @ CAR – You can start him if you have to, but don’t be incredibly excited about it.  (5 FPTS)

34. Stevie Johnson v. NE (9 FPTS)

35. Greg Jennings @ DET – The Lions defensive front might put too much pressure on Vikings QB Christian Ponder for Jennings to have a strong outing. Could surprise though. (3 FPTS)

36. Kenbrell Thompkins @ BUF – Amendola is dealing with a groin injury now and if he goes down, undrafted rookie WR Kenbrell Thompkins is the #1 receiving option on the New England Patriots. I know that sounds ridiculous considering 2 months ago you probably didn’t know who Thompkins was.  But this is not some alternate reality, this is real life.  The undrafted rookie is purely an upside play, and by no means safe, but if you like to live on the edge he’s worth the risk as a flex flier and an upside WR4 in a game Vegas likes the Pats to put up a ton of points. (4 FPTS)

37. Mike Williams @ NYJ – Has an opportunity against an inexperience rookie CB in Dee Milliner. Jets Defense as a whole could cut into that opportunity.  Mike Williams  is  a bad WR3 option, and only an OK flex play. (11 FPTS)

38. TY Hilton v. OAK (2 FPTS)

39. Kenny Britt @ PIT (1 FPT)

40. Greg Little v. MIA (2 FPTS)

41. Michael Floyd @ STL (8 FPTS)

42. Chris Givens v. ARI (2 FPTS)

43. Darrius Heyward-Bey v. OAK (3 FPTS)

44. DeAndre Hopkins @ SD (6 FPTS)

45. Vincent Brown v. HOU (7 FPTS)

46. Tavon Austin v. ARI (4 FPTS)

47. Alshon Jeffrey v. CIN (4 FPTS)

48. Santonio Holmes v. TB (1 FPT)

49. Jeremy Kerley v. TB (4 FPTS)

50. Kenny Stills v. ATL (8 FPTS)

Missed: Julian Edelman (16 FPTS),  Brian Hartline (17 FPTS), Jerome Simpson (14 FPTS), Denarius Moore (10 FPTS), Marlon Brown (12 FPTS), Jerricho Cotchery (9 FPTS), Doug Baldwin (9 FPTS), Jermaine Kearse (10 FPTS), Andre Roberts (9 FPTS), Rueben Randle (10 FPTS), Harry Douglas (9 FPTS), Andre Caldwell (8 FPTS), Nate Burleson (7 FPTS), Brandon Gibson (7 FPTS), Robert Woods (7 FPTS), Rod Streater (7 FPTS), Donnie Avery (7 FPTS), Junior Hemingway (6 FPTS), Leonard Hankerson (20 FPTS), Eddie Royal (14 FPTS)


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