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Richard Sherman needs your respect!

“Well I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result you gon’ get. Don’t you ever talk about me… Crabtree don’t you open your mouth about the best, or im’a shut it for you real quick. L O B” – Seattle CB Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman and the Tip Drill

Richard Sherman and the Tip Drill

This has already, and rightly so, gone down as one of the greatest post game interviews ever.  Sherman went off on 49ers WR Michael Crabtree, while claiming to be the best at his position in the NFL. Crabtree shouldn’t really get any of the blame here for this one.  49ers QB Colin Kaepernick under threw that one by a few feet and allowed Sherman to use his long arms and play the tip drill game. Great play by Sherman. No one should be taking that away from him.  Shitty throw by Kaep. Maybe Crabtree could have adjusted his body better and fought for the ball, but that’s kind of being overly critical. Crabtree is a great receiver, despite Sherman adding salt to the wound in the presser calling him ‘mediocre’.

Richard Sherman is hilarious. He’s had funny in game run ins with Tom Brady, Trent Williams, and Roddy White. There was the classic twitter war with Darrelle Revis and then the even more amazing interview and debate with Skip Bayless.  It all centers, as does this post game interview, around the same question.  Is Richard Sherman the best cornerback in the NFL? He certainly thinks so.

Sherman is a great corner if I’m being real about it.  Tall, lanky, fast enough, knows his position, and more than any other corner in the NFL, he understands the wide receiver position. Sherman started and was recruited to Stanford to play wide receiver. He played in that role through his sophomore season. He ranks 9th all time for the Cardinal in Yards Per Catch with 16.5 and was one of the top young WRs in the Pac 10 before injuring his knee and switching to corner.

U Mad Bro?

U Mad Bro?

The kid from Compton, CA is a huge success story and should be celebrated, but people like John Madden and Tom Brady want to complain about what he said after the NFC Championship game and how he handled himself. Are people supposed to be mindless robots off the field?  Why not show a little real emotion. Sherman wasn’t afraid to.  He was pumped up!  And we could tell. What he said was great for football. It was in your face. It was entertaining. But is he the best at his position right now?

Since Sherman entered the league in 2011 he ranks 1st in interceptions (20), 1st in passes defended (61), and 1st in opponent’s QB rating when his coverage is targeted (39.4). I really like Patrick Peterson, Joe Haden, Brent Grimes, and Alterraun Verner, and of course Tampa Bay CB Darrelle Revis, but i’m just not sure, over the last few years, any of them stack up to Sherman’s statistical dominance.

Peterson played well this year, but the 7 TDs given up in his coverage eliminate him from best CB discussion.  Haden is as shut down as they come, but opponents threw at him 99 times this season resulting in 4 INT and 12 passes defended (PD) v. Sherman’s NFL leading 8 interceptions and 5 PD on just 58 balls slinged his way. Haden also gave up 6 TDs v. the two Sherman allowed in his coverage. Grimes and Verner both had great years, but don’t possess the three year dominance that Sherman has enjoyed. Inevitably it all comes back to Revis v. Sherman.

The Golf Clap

The Golf Clap

Revis had a lot of success in his first year as a Buccaneer. He got a few picks, defended 6 passes, and only gave up 4 touchdowns.  Opposing QBs avoided him for the most part, only throwing to his coverage 63 times. That’s always the telltale sign of which corners are really doing their job well. The five time Pro Bowler  and three time All Pro obviously still has elite game. He is not without a doubt better than Richard Sherman anymore. It’s a very close call. Sherman and Revis both have different styles and body types, so to say which one is definitively better is to compare apples to oranges. They both are superstars.  Best in the NFL.  Next time Richard Sherman claims he is the best corner in the game, and he will, give it to him.  He is the best. He is at least tied for the best. Come on.  Richard Sherman just wants your respect!


2 comments on “Richard Sherman needs your respect!

  1. Hamed
    January 23, 2014

    How many times was Sherman locked in 1 on 1 with the opposing teams number 1 target? I know Haden, Revis and Talib quite often pull this responsibility. Just wondering if Seattle’s scheme plays a bigger role in his numbers then his own abilities. Thoughts?

    • smugff
      January 23, 2014

      Great points! I think Seattle’s defense as a complete unit is big factor in Sherman’s acent to the top of his position. The D Line and Linebackers are constantly putting pressure on opposing QBs, and the QBs are in turn making some bad decisions in Sherman’s direction. It works both ways with Sherman helping Seattle D too. Kind of like the chicken or the egg dilemma. Either way Sherman is a beast on the field and will be a thorn in Peyton Manning’s side in the Superbowl.

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